Ab Errantry began as the brainchild of Patricia F. Anderson, Emerging Technologies Informationist for the Health Sciences at the University of Michigan, but this was definitely a project that required a whole village to make it happen.

Our first released version was developed by the following team.

Game Developers

  • Sean Croskey
  • Luke Pacheco
  • Aristotelis Papaioannou
  • Dominic Retli
Concept Authors:
  • Patricia F. Anderson
  • Luke Veninga
Producer / Project Manager
  • Patricia F. Anderson
  • Luke Veninga
Boss Design Artist
  • Alex Van Trejo
Script Analyst
  • Adam Grandt
  • Bruce Maxim
  • Jeffrey Yackley
Special thanks to:
  • Pete Wendel
  • Donald Ukraniec, Riverview Community High School (????)
  • Justin Schell, UofM Shapiro Design Lab
  • All the play testers!